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Item type: Video DVD       
Item name: JV-63 The Three Elijahs   
Item source: VanDenburgh, Elder John L.   
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This DVD presents subject matter in a form that will arouse your interest to explore deeper into the Scriptures.  Elijah the Tishbite battled with evil on Mount Carmel.  He was one man against 400 of Baal's prophets in the ultimate struggle between good and evil.  John the Baptist was the second "Elijah" who also battled against the forces of evil.  The 144,000 are the third and final "Elijahs" who will battle against evil.  You may be surprised at what you will learn will be the 144,000's battle plan against the enemy. 


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"While we must hold fast to the truths which we have already received, we must not look with suspicion upon any new light that God may send." (GW p.310)
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